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5 Sustainable Summer Items


Summer is finally here! And while we’re out soaking up the sun and having a blast, here are a few simple sustainable solutions that’ll ensure the earth is having a lively time too.

Welcome the warmth this summer with these 5 sustainable items:

Metal Straw: I personally don’t have this one in my kit because I’m more of a beer than mixed drink guy, but for those of you who love to kick back and sip on your favorite summertime cocktail, why not do so sans plastic.

Reusable Bag: With Plastic Free July ongoing, there’s no better time to pick up and carry round your very own reusable bag(s). Keep one with you in your back pocket or your bag and ditch the single use solutions!

Reusable Bottle: It’s pretty simple, stay hydrated wherever you are without the nasty waste. Even better, splurge on an insulated bottle to keep your refreshment cold for lengthy periods. You can’t do that with plastic.

Cutlery: When I’m hungry, there’s no telling what I’ll do to relieve that grumble in my stomach. I take it you’re not so different. Packing reusable cutlery in your bag or your pocket will make sure you’re sustainably prepared when hunger strikes, whether that be at a food truck festival or in front of your favorite snack shack.

Handkerchief: That’s right, the time to snag a few handkerchiefs from your grandparents’ place is now. They’re not only light and easy to carry on your person, handkerchiefs can get you out of a sticky situation. No, seriously. Need to wipe your hands, use your handkerchief. Need to wipe up a spill, use your handkerchief. Need to dry your reusable cutlery, use your handkerchief. You get the idea.


My sustainable ‘go pack’.

If you can’t find these items locally, check out They have an array of options that are all manufactured with social and environmental care.

Sustainability is easy once you have the proper infrastructure and routine in place. In this case, items like these are the infrastructure and remembering to bring them along with you is the routine. In my experience, the routine is the hardest part to master. I’d recommend keeping a sustainable ‘go pack’ containing your essential items in an area of your house that you frequent before hitting the road. That’ll make it easy for you to grab and get on with your day.

Happy sustainable summer!

Until next time, The Sustainable Guy out.

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